Sports in Argentina

Football is without a doubt the number one passion and sport in Argentina. Sports in Argentina is something that most of the Argentina population hold as their culture. When looking at football which is one of the most popular sport in Argentina, most of the players are located in Buenos Aires which one of the city with the most football teams in the world. The 24 professional football teams in the capital alone highlight quite how much football has a grip on the country. The most famous rivalry is between River Plate and Boca Juniors and watching a clash between these two titans has been rated as one of the top 50 sporting things that you should do before you die.

For young people, soccer in Argentina is their way of life. You can see them playing soccer almost everywhere. It is already a part of their culture, and they just love the game just like Americans love baseball.

Argentina is often host to major Formula One events hosted in the grand racing track Oscar Galvez, which to date has hosted 20 editions of the Grand Prix between 1953 and 1988; today the event is discontinued due to financial reasons. Now smaller events are hosted in local categories on most weekends. Another major racing event hosted in Argentina is the Dakar Rally which starts and ends in the city.

After football and racing, another major passion for the Argentines are horses and it’s seen in all its forms. From horse racing at the Hippodrome in the race track in Palermo, polo in the countryside to horse riding through the vast plains and mountains of Argentina. Another popular horse based sport is pato which is a type of basketball that is played on horseback and was only officially named a sport on 1953.

Soccer in Argentina is most compared to Brazil since they both have the passion for the sport. Fans are giving their full sport, and there are times that they would fight because of the tight competition between the two teams.

Another famous sport in Argentina is Pato, it is an Argentinian game, a game truly born in the pampas: although the early version was a long way from the relatively civilized one we know today. The name ‘Pato’ translates literally to ‘duck’ about the ball – a duck sewn into a leather bag. There was no pitch, with the game played across an indeterminate distance between two Estancias. Nor were there any stipulations to how many riders could take part – over a hundred on each side was not unusual.

One of the most famous sports-persons to come out of Argentina is Diego Armando Maradona, known as one of the best footballers in the history of football. Beginning his football life in Argentinos Juniors, moving to Boca and then to the national football team. Guillermo Vilas were amongst some of the best tennis players of the 1970’s and the 1980’s and made popular tennis in Argentina. Sports in Argentina is something that is to be envied and explored; you can travel to Argentina if you are sports lover and you will not be disappointed.


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