Meaning Behind Argentinian Flag

The history of Argentinian flag can be traced back to 1812. The flag has meanings derived from the revolutionary fighting for the country independence and the Inca sun. The country got independence from Spain. The Argentinian flag has 3 horizontal bands. The length of the flag is twice the height. The middle band is white, but the bottom and top bands are light blue. The middle with the band has a sun of May at the center.

The meaning of top and bottom light blue bands

The meanings of the bands according to many sources refer to the sky and the water of Argentina. The top blue band represents the sky in Argentina while the bottom light blue band represents the waters in Argentina. The waters in Argentina are referred to as Rio de la Plata. Some people even relate the blue color to the color used on the Spanish house of Bourbon. The Bourdon was used in the court of arms of the Spaniards who conquered Argentina before it becomes independent.

The white color

Most people believe the white color refers to the silver. It is believed the early conquerors of Argentina named the country Argentinum which means silver. They believed the country had a lot of silver deposits. The early conquerors were eager to conquer the country as they believed it had a lot of precious metals which they can exploit.

The center of the flag

The center of the flag has a striking feature which most people will notice at once. It has a human face which is wearing neutral expression in a gold disc. The disc has wavy and straight rays which are emitted from the center of the face. The center represents a sun. Sun in the flag is referred to as el sol de mayo. This simply means the sun of the month of May. This is according to Argentina May revolution. The May revolution led to the independence of the nation from Spain which had conquered it. The sun in the flag is very significant in Argentina. For instance, a coin dating to 1813 has the sun. Early signs of the Peruvian flags and the Uruguayan flags have the sun but the difference comes in when it comes to the number of rays which emit from the sun.

The Sun May was designed by Juan de Dios Amaru. Amaru was a descendant of the Inca nobility. He designed the sun between 1760 and 1843. The sun of May in the flag pays tribute to the Inca god known as Inti. The Inca worshiped the sun due to the live giving power which they believed it had. The Inca believed the ruler of their country was a descendant of the sun. They built temples for the sun god throughout the empire. Original anthem of Argentina makes dramatic references to the Incas.

Manuel Belgrano who was a revolutionary military leader came up with the flag itself between 1770 and 1820. The ruler got inspiration from a cockade. The cockade was a logo with a circular logo. The flag borrows a lot from the sun design which was highly respected by the Incas people.



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